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Act, Sing, Dance
(Musical Theatre)

A taste of musical theatre in a fast paced program focusing on storytelling through voice

 and movement.

Variety is the spice of life!

When it comes to little people trying new things, we know it can be tricky to hold their interest. Our Act Dance Sing program provides students with a taste of all three music theatre disciplines, allowing them the chance to explore and play in a supportive environment. Through our fast paced lessons, students will develop a wide range of skills and hopefully a love for performance along the way. 

What makes us different to a dance school

At ADS we believe that music theatre should always be rooted in truthful acting, hence why our drama component remains the forefront of every lesson… before breaking out into song and dance, of course! Students can look forward to building a solid foundation across a wide range of musical styles & approaches through the development of technical skills and performance repertoire.

What we’re about



Performance Opportunities

Mid Year Showcases / One Act Performances (Senior Youth only)
End of Year Theatrical Production
Specialised workshops & holiday programs

Kind words

ADS HQ Rosanna
40-42 Beetham Parade
Rosanna VIC 3084

Monday to Thursday
9am till 3pm
Office mobile — +61 497 952 722